Snow Business…

December 16, 2011

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post an advertising spread like this on my blog. And not because I don’t think this is an effective photograph, in fact, my client BJ’s Wholesale Club has gone on to sell record amounts of these products since this was printed in their advertising mailer. And still counting.

But what truly makes this so blog worthy is the fact that we shot this on a blisteringly hot day this past August. Yes, you read that correctly. On a 90 degree day this past summer, myself and a talented group of prop stylists assembled up in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and began an eight hour process of creating a “Snow Scene” that would be used to market these very necessary items to fight the harsh winter weather in our nations north-east.

What you are seeing here is roughly 100 pounds of fake snow that had to be meticulously prepared in large barrels, and painstakingly placed to create this post blizzard scenario that many know all too well. Combining some genius retouching for background and scale, this all came together just beautifully and even better than I had imagined it could.

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  1. Thats amazing that you did this in August!!! Its a great shot and I can see why it was very effective

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